I can't believe this crap.

Check this out.

Pardon my French, but the Obama campaign can kiss my lily-white gun-owning ass. Pucker up, Santa Cruz, because your Obamessiah is cracking down on free speech. Then again, it's just the free speech of a bunch of gun-toting racist rednecks, so who really cares?

You lefties are always rarin' to defend whatever neo-Marxist nonsense the International Solidarity Movement or By Any Means Necessary (a Communist Party-backed group, if you haven't been doing your homework) are spewing at their latest pity party for Palestine or terrorists or cop-killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal. When it comes to the free speech of other groups that the Left disagrees with, they are more or less loath to defend it. The Washington Post makes all sorts of ridiculous excuses for Barack Obama's stance against the 2nd Amendment, along with ludicrous accusations that his statements were "taken out of context" or whatever else they want to come up with.

There is something in the link posted above that I find very curious - it's on page 9 of the PDF document under the 12/5/07 entry:

He admits that the collective takes precedence over the individual, so individuals should be punished by having their ownership rights constrained due to the actions of one individual. His stance is that individual ownership is to be restricted by the whims of the community. If you happen to live in a county or state headed by Democratic politicians, you can bid your right to own a "scary black rifle" au revoir simply based upon what the brainwashed masses who guzzle the "peace and tolerance" Kool-Aid want from their leaders.

My personal experience has led me to understand that 99% of everyone who is opposed to firearms or supports firearms restrictions has experienced them on a secondary basis - through someone else they know, or through the media. Overwhelmingly, they are also the same people who bitch and moan about restrictions on "civil liberties" in a time of war, but fail to grasp the concept that governmental monopoly on firepower has always resulted in genocide and tyranny.

Not only does the Obama campaign consider any statements regarding his inability to uphold the very right to defend the other 26 Amendments to be "lies", there are actually people who will jump at the chance to bring charges against anyone criticising Barack Obama: [LINK]

I seriously want to see if anyone who supports the Obama campaign is going to defend this "Ministry of Truth". Pardon my French yet again, but the St. Louis Circuit Attorneys can kiss my lily-white free-speech-loving ass. Like ProtestWarrior's Kfir asked the head of the NYCLU in their 'Liberty Rising' video, "Are you for protecting all forms of free speech, or just the free speech that you agree with?" This statement was made after some NYCLU members found some ProtestWarrior signs outside somewhere and called the police to have them removed, finding them "offensive" and "distasteful", as if the "Fuck Bush" and all the signs equating Israel to the Third Reich are just fine and dandy.

I know John J. Ray is much more scholarly (with his doctorate degrees and all) in his take on this, but fascism is Leftist at the core: collectivism, legislation is passed and policy objectives are put forth "for the benefit of the nation", a cult of personality is formed, the arms of private citizens are registered and then confiscated under the guise of "public safety", the central figure becomes immune to criticism through jackbooted thugs (who really don't have to wear literal jackboots after all) who unflinchingly enforce all of this.

On a related note, I was reading a few more blogs (Fjordman, La Yihad en Eurabia, Gates of Vienna, among others) about how the international "anti-fascist" group Antifa was outright assaulting elderly Jews - calling them "Nazi scum" and all other sorts of epithets - all while police stood by. This took place in Germany, if you can believe that. German "anti-fascists" viciously beating Jews who happened to be protesting the creeping plague of Islamism into Europe. If it weren't so, the Islamic supremacists wouldn't be referring to the Iberian peninsula as "al-Andalus", which is the name given to the realm of the Almoravid dynasty, wherein Jews and Christians lived as dhimmis, and revolts were violently crushed.

Ordinarily, I am not too keen on European ethnic nationalism as it often appears concurrently with the neo-fascist movement that seeks to replace one form of socialist authoritarianism (Islam) with another (neo-fascism), but it is times like these where I will openly ally myself with the basic aims of the European New Right - Europe must remain European. It must not become another launching station for the global Caliphate that so many would like to see the fruition of. The ideological and media war against Islamic supremacism has made for some odd bedfellows, but until more Europeans start to realize that their heritage and very way of life is under real attack by foreign invaders, the ethnic nationalists are the best we have. It might take another bombing, like the ones in London and Madrid, to get more Europeans on the same page. I am thankful that there are people like Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the late Pim Fortuyn to resist Islamism while rejecting neo-fascism.

Coming back to Obama's attacks on the 2nd Amendment...

No leftist who believes in individual liberties can ever side with the Democratic party. The vast majority of legislation and policy pushed by the Democratic party is so virulently antithetical to the concept. Leftists are quick to crucify the Denver police even after it was made plain that the Code Pink member egged on the officer, but their stance on the individual rights of others who disagree with them are always conditional, or they even outright oppose them.

It's somewhat of a bitter pill for me to swallow, but a President Obama will only embolden the "progressives" to come down hard on their political enemies. They are the original backstabbers and the architects of moral equivalence.


"You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy..."

I want each and everyone one of you who reads this to take a long and careful look at THIS chart. Go on, it won't harm you (unless you are allergic to the ugly truth) one bit.

That's right, the now-defunct mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funneled thousands of dollars worth of contributions to Senator Barack Obama - more so than even veteran Senator John Kerry, and more than any Republican Senator.

You're probably thinking, "Okay Mr. Viking, so he got campaign contributions. What on earth does that prove about his connection to the shady practices leading to the massive taxpayer-funded bailout?"

HERE is a video segment from a CSPAN-2 newscast of Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus. Barack Obama is inducted into the Caucus in this presentation (the only present Senator in the CBC), after which Mudd gives a speech. How is this all connected? Though the Obama campaign staff features some of Fannie and Freddie's executive leadership, there's still one step missing to damn not only the Obama campaign in its own role in creating this mess, but the Democratic party at large.

I present to you the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, signed by President Carter, and then expanded by "the first black President" William J. Clinton. If you would like a better (albeit sanitized and PC) description of this Act, click HERE. You see, at the time, the GOP was accused of being discriminatory in its stance on loan policies. This was soon after the peak of the Civil Rights Era, and understandably lots of black people were really getting the shaft when they went to apply for home loans. The CRA was introduced to prevent discrimination in the lending practices of banks, but forced banks to lower their standards for loans. This, in turn, forced banks to lower their standards even more in order to stay competitive. People began taking on mortgages they ordinarily couldn't afford, at rates that would bankrupt them - and they did.

In regard to all this, the GOP can do no right: keeping strict lending standards is "discriminatory", but handing out loans left and right (to minorities and whites alike) is "predatory". This is a clear result of overregulation (there is such a thing, you leftist morons!) that allowed runaway loans, and now the Federal Reserve has to use OUR tax money to make up for the bad decisions of loan officers, bank executives, lawmakers, and the people who took on loans they knew they couldn't support but couldn't pass up the opportunity to have something NOW and decided they would worry about paying for it further down the road.

Instead of thinking what loosening the credit requirements for a home loan would do to the economy in the long run, the government talking heads decided to "go easy" on people who didn't have the qualifications that were once necessary for loans. They got infected with the politically-correct "everyone is special" virus that was a byproduct of the 1960s entitlement generation - the many wanting to reap the benefits of something supported on the backs of the few. So, in order to not appear racist (still today a vile epithet if you want to discredit someone completely), the standards come down, the money flows out of the banking system, and financial instability and decline are over the horizon. Nothing inevitable at this point, but the effects of such decisions are indeed being felt, and they will continue on.

The overregulation and support by the federal government gave banks the incentive to get sloppy and not pay attention. The possibility of real failure, the liquidation of the executives' personal assets to pay for bankruptcy, and even the shame of such an occurrence should be incentive enough to prevent such things, but not in today's era of nanny-state-ism and the government's societally-perceived role of savior. These bailouts say to banks "hey, you guys can pretty much do whatever you want, and the taxpayers will pick up the bill if you get in hot water".

How does the Congressional Black Caucus play into this whole matter? For starters, it is an openly discriminatory and racist organization - only blacks are eligible for membership. Missouri Representative William Clay, Jr. issued an official statement saying that "there has been an unofficial Congressional White Caucus for over 200 years, and now it's our turn to say who can join 'the club'." The CBC was instrumental in pushing forward the Community Reinvestment Act, both in 1977 and its revision in the 1990s. The CBC's problem is solely with 'White America', constantly accusing it of racism, while rationalizing, minimizing, and ignoring any failures that 'Black America' creates on its own (the long-running persecution complex, accusations of racism where none exists, the crisis of black fatherhood, among others).

Instead of helping their own communities to be more financially secure through financial education (outside of "white people hate you and don't want you to make any money"/"Jewish conspiracy"/etc.), entrepreneurship, investment instead of spending, and other things that actually help the financial situation of the average person, they forced 'White America' to set the bar lower. This still places the black community as subservient to Whitey's good graces, and proves to other blacks that throwing a tantrum is a good way to get the nanny state to cave to one's demands. If the CBC and other black organizations were really about empowerment, they would instead encourage blacks to succeed in the same way with the same standards that whites, Hispanics, and Asians are faced with. Unfortunately for their constituency, the CBC and others really don't care about seeing their members succeed. They just want to perpetuate a victim complex and get some free stuff from guilty white liberals. Black organizations should be encouraging responsible behavior and financial wisdom on the part of blacks, not blaming 'White America' every time a black person makes a mistake. They should be taking care of their own, not forcing others to do it.

Right now, blacks are suffering with loans they can't afford because of the policies supported by the very organizations that claim to have their interests in mind. Barack Obama is knee-deep in this mess. His party espouses the persecution complex and continually pushes for more handouts to blacks, his wife is allied with the 'blame Whitey' movement, his ex-pastor preaches black separatism and superiority, a Freddie executive is his campaign financial advisor, and he has been in Fannie and Freddie's pockets even before he was elected to the US Senate. For someone with a history like this to even think about accusing McCain and the GOP for creating this problem just demonstrates what kind of society we live in and the kind of media we have - their utter refusal to accept anything bad about someone of a minority status. They are truly immune to criticism in the mainstream media, much like Islam and organizations like CAIR and MPAC.

I now give you all a statement made by Senator John McCain in 2005, supporting legislation that would restructure the way Fannie and Freddie are tied to the Fed:

"For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-known as Government-sponsored entities or GSEs-and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market. OFHEO's report this week does nothing to ease these concerns. In fact, the report does quite the contrary. OFHEO's report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay.

I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.

I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation."

McCain does not support the bailing out of companies whose executives made bad decisions by way of our money, but the Obama campaign, and by extension the Democratic party, would want you to think otherwise. The scary part is, it's working. People are not doing their research into the causes of recent events, and just taking orders blindly from their Democratic taskmasters, who are given orders from the Obamessiah Himself, Peace Be Upon His Most Hopey and Changey Soul.

The more people start reading past the headlines, the sooner they will realize that not only is Obama nothing more than an empty suit with a good ad agency, but that his policies past and present will ruin the United States if they are allowed to come to fruition.


Mr. Blue, 880 Rounds, and "three words".

Most customers I couldn't give two hoots about. Some I like, a few I can't stand. One in particular stands out to me: Mr. Blue. He's not a jerk, but it's just weird to deal with him. I've seen him in the store twice, but every time it's the same - he wants to know if we have the products he wants in some shade of blue. His latest purchase was the Dell Studio Series 17" laptop, with a dark blue case-top. His wireless mouse was also blue. His clothing is always blue, and my co-worker Paul has seen him at the local mall in that get-up as well. He says Mr. Blue's shoes were even blue.

Anyway, it's just weird. He has vision problems, as I had to set everything (fonts, icons, Start Menu) to extra-large sizes when I did the preliminary set-up for his computer. He later returned the machine, sending our laptop sales figures plummeting. Figures, huh? All that hard work and time I spent trying to sell him the damn thing with all the attachments and extended coverage (which really ARE worth it, by the way), all for naught.

My ammo came by post yesterday. I was very excited. It took me some time to figure out how the can opener works for each of the two spam cans, but I got one open. I can't wait to go waste some targets with Hungarian heavy ball. Plus, I can store cool stuff in the cans and the wooden crate when they're empty. By Loki's forked tongue, that crate was heavy! I feel sorry for whomever had to carry that up our stairs.

Okay, onto a truly creepy customer. What this guy was looking for has been lost in the fog of time, but what he said to me at the checkout was, frankly, disturbing. It went a little something like this:

Him: [in a soft, soothing voice, like he's an announcer for those corny smooth jazz radio stations] It seems like you're a pretty smart guy; you have a lot of spiritual, emotional, and mental strength, so I'm going to leave you with three words.

Me: Uh, thanks?

Him: The three words are "Oh", "Bah", "Mah" [as in 'Barack Obama']. I can't understand why people wouldn't vote for him. It's as if they're retarded or something. Will you vote for Obama?

Me: Um, I don't discuss politics with strangers.

Him: Well, do the right thing in November.

At this point I'm just about

and ready to reach over the counter, grab him by the collar and lecture this snobbish assclown about how taxing corporations is what pushes them to move overseas, how banning firearms doesn't actually decrease crime rates no matter how many Million Mom Waddles that Rosie O'Donnell hosts, or how not voting for a black man is nowhere near as racist than calling someone like Thomas Sowell a "sell-out" for not supporting reparations and generally not buying into the whole blacks-as-victims school of thought.

The guy was talking about Obama like he was the bloody Second Coming of Christ or something. That's the big thing that's pissing me off so much about the Obama campaign - he's some empty suit being lauded and worshipped like a demigod for the sole reason that he's BLACK.

Here we have a community organizer who lectured a few times in a Constitutional Law class, with a paltry four more years of Senate experience than your faithful narrator, who has more than a few connections to people who support racial separatism, hostile religious supremacism, or domestic terrorism. He's been involved in the Chicago political machine, which is tough to emerge from without some sort of unsavory dealings-with.

Excuse me while I yawn, and then look slightly disgusted.

I will bet you the Brooklyn Bridge that if this was a white guy named Barry O'Bannon, you'd hardly hear a peep out of the media, and possibly even the Internet as a whole. Maybe one of his buddies would write a blog entry with some photos of a Super Bowl party one of them had with Barry in it, but that's about all the media exposure he would get.

Throw black-ness into the equation, and you've got what we have now - a cult of personality, attracting the brainless, the superficial, and the easily-amused.

"He's black! And he's speaking about hope and change! Honey, come in here and watch this eloquent fellow with a totally inclusive and multi-cultural background talk down to some white people who own guns!"

Suddenly, people forget what a crappy politician he's been and just focus on the smoke and mirrors. He's black, so that must mean he's different. Sorry, folks. The Democratic Party don't work like that. They are all on the same channel: giving up in Iraq, taking away the ability of ordinary people to protect themselves and the Constitution all while claiming to be "rescuing" it from the clutches of the EEEEEEVIL REPUBLICANS AND THE NEO-CON ZIONISTS, stealing the money you worked hard to earn and giving it to people who don't necessarily work hard (after using a sizeable chunk of it for "administrative costs" and other things that involve overpaying the lazy and inept bureaucracy), and then blaming it all on someone else when the country goes to hell.

By playing the race card, the Democratic party can essentially excuse anything - by combining the creative use of language and people who have high-level degrees in bullshit post-Marxist fields: implement wasteful and economically-debilitating social welfare programs, create a class of victims through repetition of "you're a victim, and we're here to help", and then blame it on "latent racism in the American psyche" when it backfires and ends up giving the black community a larger teat to suckle, making it more dependent on other people and requiring ever-increasing amounts of budget allocation to keep the masses fat and happy with their government cheese. They don't care what the actual result is. Good intentions are all that matters. As long as their constituents (important) and they themselves (MOST important) feel good, they can go to sleep on a clean conscience.

In conclusion, those who live in the Ivory Tower of Leftist Thought that stretches into the heavens are not really in a proper position to dictate to the common people what they should and should not do. A fall from that height is sure to cause some brain damage, if the altitude sickness hasn't gotten to them already.